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 LOT-HSLD (High speed laser dome,vision 300m-450m ; Day vision 500m-600m )



HP-DRC04 series laser speed dome consist of follow-up laser source, all metal cooling structure, precise gearing, IDS dimming unit, independent MCU laser control unit and so on. The speed dome could monitor a region of 300m clearly all day and night. The mechanical design of PTZ is simple and stable. It could rotate to the proposed position quickly and accurately. The camera have 128 preset, recording and patrol function and could preset anywhere. It also have automatic exposure, automatic focus function. 


City Safety, stadium/plaza/scenic spot monitoring, oilfield safety, lake&river monitoring, freeway&railway security, seaport&airport security.


1. 50°laser source, max illumination distance 300m

2. Unique DSS digital illumination angle control, 0.1°minimum zooming accompany camera.

3. GHT-II super homogenizing make a better imaging effect.

4. Latest graphical UI menu

5. Independent photoswitch that make sure color to B/W camera and laser source turning on at same time. Built-in intelligent delay to avoid the influence of car light.

6. All metal cooling structure, CGS cooling system and double sun block, night vision module cycle air-cooling

7. Multi-bearing structure

8. Support online software update

9. Electric motor drive, reaction quick, rotation smoothly, tolerance less than 0.1°.

10. Support 3D intelligent positioning function, click tracking enlarge.

11. Address and protocol DIP switch is on the side

12. IP66 weatherproof, waterproof, anti-dust, TVS4000V anti-lighting. 




 Technical specification







Detection distance

Day:500m, night: 300m

Day: 400m, night: 300m

Day: 500m, night: 300m

Day: 600m, night: 450m


1/4'' color to B/W CCD 440000 pixelautomatic ICR switch

Focal length

3.595mm27 optical zoom16 digital zoom

4.173.8mm18 optical zoom12 digital zoom

3.591mm26 optical zoom12 digital zoom

3.4122.4mm36 optical zoom12 digital zoom

Field of view





Min illumination

1.0lux /0.07lux

0.7lux /0.01lux

1.0lux /0.01lux

1.4lux /0.01lux

Laser consumption

5W808nm near-infrared laser

Laser lens

30mm F1.0 Fast lensGHT homogenizing

Laser angle


Angle control

DSS digital illumination control, min 0.1°follow-up zooming, manual and automatic mode

Optical axis aiming

0.01°SLM optical axis aiming and locking

Laser switch


Rotation range

Pan: 360° continuouslyTilt: -90°+5°

Rotation speed

 Pan: 0.01°200°/sTilt: 0.01°120°/s, Max speed of calling the preset is 250°/sfocal length and speed automatically match


255, memory record after power breakdown

Auto mode

Preset/patrol/line scan/auto scan/path pattern/random scan

Path pattern

4 path, total recording time over 10 min or 1000 instruction

Auto watch

Homing time/preset/protocol/line scan/auto scan/ random scan setting is available


Graphical multi-language UI menu

3D positioning

Support 3D intelligent positioning function, click tracking enlarge


Time, direction, title, location, temperature and so on.


3D compass, after user setting the north directioncamera could calculate the other directions.

Timing start

Homing time/preset/protocol/line scan/auto scan/ random scan setting is available


4 alarm input, 2 alarm output


Auto identify PELCO-D/P and other main protocol

Online update

Support online update

Baud rate


Camera support

Auto identify SONYLGCNBSamsungHitachiSANYO and homebred camera

Weather proof

IP66TVS1500V anti-lightinganti-surge

Operational environment

-30~6090%RH non-condensing

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